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May 29, 2006 by John Hamp
I bought Rise of Legends last week. It's a good game. Not as good as GalCiv II due to a few strange design decisions but still very good. Like most strategy games with multiplayer, the single player games computer players are only challenging when they get massive bonuses. The computer players can create units so much faster than humans can. I can amazingly be overwhelmed by the computer players on "tougher" even though I will have 9 unit factories. Upon revealing the map, the AI will only h...
July 6, 2005 by John Hamp
I just got Stardock's email today announcing that not only am I being upgraded to phase 2 and hence receiving 10 tokens which will let me buy 3 or 4 more games on top of the 10 or so I've already downloaded on top of my original Galactic Civilizations purchase, but I'm also getting Galactic Civilizations II (which I had planned to buy). Hip Hip Horray for Stardock!!
March 27, 2004 by TheHamster
The other day I was over in Victoria (British Columbia) heading to the home that a friend of mine knows. And I realized, it is still very cold here. You see the weather map and it's all warm down in the states. Spring Break is coming. If global warming is happening, it's not happening fast enough!
March 27, 2004 by TheHamster
Google sure seems to think so. They bought blogger. Blogs and interactive blogs seem destined to replace Usenet as a place for people to discuss all kinds of matters. One tends to think that Google should buy Feedster.
March 27, 2004 by TheHamster
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